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Counseling Versus Coaching

(& Coaching Disclaimer) 

At Lotus Counseling and Coaching, we have a variety of professionals to meet your individual needs.  Use this guide to help you decide which type of professional is right for you:


Counseling versus Coaching:

  • Counseling is moving someone from dysfunction to function.
    Coaching is moving someone from function to potential.

  • Counseling is predominantly focused on the past.
    Coaching is predominantly focused on the present and the future.

  • Counseling uses various modalities of Psychotherapy to help heal.                                        Coaching focuses on your strengths and gifts to create your desired results.


Coaching is in no way counseling. The coaches at Lotus Counseling and Coaching do not provide any type of psychotherapy.  A wise man said:  "Coaching is not therapy, but good coaching can be therapeutic."

If you’re ready to get started with coaching or have more questions, please feel free to contact us by using the form below.  Please note that if you choose to see one of our Life Coaches, we will ask you to read and sign this disclaimer:


Coaching is not a substitute for medical, psychological, psychiatric, wellness, therapeutic, or other diagnosis, care, counseling, advice, consulting or treatment, or for any medicine. Coaching is not a substitute for legal, financial, tax, personnel, personal, religious, spiritual, or other types of evaluation, advice, or representation. You should independently assess any decisions, actions or inactions resulting from or relating to the coaching experience based on medical, psychological, psychiatric, legal, religious, personnel, personal, financial, tax or other advice as applicable.

There is no intent or attempt by Bea Phillips to represent herself, or to function as a mental health professional in any way, whether in this website, as a personal development coach, or any other capacity.

By visiting this site and consuming any written material or other offers whether affiliate or not, the consumer assumes all responsibility for their use. The consumer also assumes all responsibility for their own health, mental, medical or otherwise and agrees to hold Bea Phillips and Lotus Counseling Inc., harmless.

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