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Grand Junction Counseling Services Therapists Grand Junction  , Krista Carpenter, LPC                                                       



Counseling Services

We work with a variety of issues including Depression, Anxiety, Panic disorder, Adjustment, Grief/loss issues, Trauma/PTSD, relationship issues and Eating Disorders.  Our team provides individual, family and group counseling.

Coaching Services
Coaching differs from counseling in that it focuses on the individuals strengths rather than on Diagnosis and treatment of symptoms.  Coaching is designed for people who are struggling with a situational problem, or for those who are feeling stuck.  Coaching utilizes ones strengths to help you create the life you desire.
 Online Counseling and Coaching Services

On occasion, online counseling is the only option.  If you live in a remote area and do not have access to  a counselor; if you are too anxious to leave the house; or if the competition for a therapist is too great in your area, this is a good option for you.  We can not accept insurance for this service, however, our rates are very competitive.



Grand Junction Counseling

Lotus Counseling

420 N. 8th Street

Grand Junction, Colorado  81501


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