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Baggage Handling

emotional baggage
Why do we carry around so much heavy stuff?

I was driving down a main thoroughfare in town and noticed a homeless man with a VERY large hiking pack. I would assume (and hope), since its snowing, that he's carrying around a lot of blankets so he can stay warm. It got me thinking, yes, this man is carrying a heavy pack; most of it probably necessary right now, but how many of us carry around unnecessary baggage with us all the time? I'm not talking about our massive "Mom Bags" or anything physical.

I'm talking about EMOTIONAL BAGGAGE. When we carry a lot of emotional baggage, it tends to be heavy stuff... weighing our minds down, creating depressive symptoms, making us not feel our best.

Why don't we carry around emotions that are lighter? Because we don't have room in our pack (our minds). Let's deal with the emotional baggage that's heavy, so we can make room to experience the lighter side of life.

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